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Can your current business software do this? Can it do this at the click of a button?

Impress™ ERP system is designed to meet the specific needs of your Apparel Decorating, Screen Printing, or Embroidery business. Impress™ saved one customer 23 employees' worth of work hours! How many employees and how much time and money are you spending to:

  • Create work orders and work sheets marrying multiple colorways, art placement, and detailed instructions to the client order.
  • Print the work order with pictures and details.
  • Integrate all your customer data, order status, and invoices so information is available to your staff, customers, and sales reps online.
  • Create and print out hang tags.
  • Generate invoices directly from sales orders.
  • Calculate commissions.
  • Schedule sales orders and assign timing parameters such as ASAP or fixed start dates.
  • Support multiple warehouses including tracking costs, quantities, availability, and movements between warehouses and subcontractors.
  • Customize work schedules with multiple shifts, normal and holiday work weeks.
  • Easily convert quotes to sales orders.
  • Handle all the shipping with FedEx and UPS integration.
  • Generate the exact reports you need when you need them.
  • Access real-time inventory and order status.
  • Automatically accumulate demand for purchased goods.



More Knowledge Throughout Your Business

  • Include design images on quotes, sales orders and work orders
  • Manage detailed screen print, embroidery or custom decoration information

Increase Efficiency of Sales

  • Create consistent, timely and accurate quotations for your customers
  • Convert quotes directly into sales orders, then sales orders into invoices
  • Handle re-orders effortlessly with extensive customer history and automatic order duplication
  • Look up order status, stock allocations, shipping details and tracking numbers for rapid response to customer inquiries.

Increase Accuracy of Quotes

  • Incorporate automatic pricing for screen prints and embroideries into order entry
  • See stock levels and customer sales history before quoting, or during order entry

Reduce Risk of Rework or Rejected Goods

  • Track design approval and view the designs as the order is taken

Better Control of Pricing and Commissions

  • Automatic calculation of complex sales commissions, including split commissions and variable rates per customer, invoice or line item.

Create More Satisfied and Loyal Customers

  • Increase speed and accuracy of response to inquiries. Customer service has direct access to inventory levels, customer design libraries, sales history and order tracking
  • Talk the same language as your customers. Track their SKU and/or UPC numbers and selling price against your SKU numbers
  • Directly links with Goldmine to provide a comprehensive customer management system

Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

  • Check order status information without checking with several people, saving time, avoiding interruptions and call backs to the customer
  • Hot link name, address and weight directly into UPS WorldShip
  • Track shipment details including the contents of each carton
  • Print barcodes on work orders and packing slips for speed and accuracy in production and shipping

Improve Customer Communications

  • 'Smart Notes' keep everyone throughout the business informed on individual sales orders, customer and production issues. These electronic sticky notes can be added to windows and reports, and will appear based on user configured categories
  • Include extra charge items such as design set up or poly bag packing to ensure the exact goods and services required by the customer are provided
  • Enhance communication with your customers and suppliers by sending acknowledgements, quotations, invoices and reports via e-mail

Increase Throughput

  • Impress™ eliminates redundant work resulting in fewer mistakes and greater profits
  • Enables efficient scheduling of jobs and orders -- optimizing machine schedules and set up times
  • Configure your own work centers, shifts, set ups and running parameters
  • Print packing slips directly from work orders
  • Readily available design information to ensure production is fully prepared for incoming orders

Smoother Operations

  • Enhance communications between the front office, production and back office
  • Create work orders directly from sales order with important production information including decoration details such as colorways, and threads or inks.

Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

  • Print colorways on work orders for reduced risk of incorrect logo colors and improve quality control
  • Design management assures production is keeping to the customer approved specifications
  • Become a reliable supplier for your customers with more timely and accurate workflow management
  • Eliminate multiple data entry
  • Consolidate orders of the same design for production planning

More Accurate Inventory Management

  • Track blank, finished, pre-decorated, consignment and customer finished goods
  • Automatically generate purchased orders form sales orders
  • LIFO, FIFO and average inventory costing

More Information to Help Optimize Cash Flow

  • Prepayments can be entered and tracked with each order
  • Generate cash flow forecasts from invoices and sales orders
  • Get an accurate picture of your accounts receivable at any time

Reduce Manual Paperwork

  • Automatically generate purchase orders for inventory requirements
  • Generate multiple invoices from a single order -- no more forgotten back orders

Reduce Costs by Improving Accuracy

  • Generate invoices directly from shipping information to ensure only shipped goods are invoiced
  • Automatically calculate sales taxes for multiple jurisdictions
  • Accurately track royalties -- per item, percent of sales, or both

Make Better Business Decisions

  • Produces over 70 reports, at high management or low operational detail levels

Infrastructure for Business Growth

  • No limit on size or number of orders

Become More Efficient with Better Understanding of Costs and Revenues

  • Fully integrated system that manages work flow and provides visibility of your related revenues and costs

Multiple Warehouse Support

  • Manage inventory and work in process at any warehouse location -- including sub contractors

Production Scheduling

  • Provides visibility across your entire enterprise. Optimize production with automatic or manual scheduling to single or multiple location machines. Instantly identify over-allocated work areas. Customize work schedules with multiple shifts. Sales orders can be scheduled and assigned timing parameters such as ASAP or a fixed start date.

We work with you to ensure your business processes don't require extensive change. Usually, data can be directly imported from your existing system, minimizing interruption to your normal business. Whether your objective is to achieve the fastest impact on your enterprise or develop a tailored approach to solve specific issues, our experts can help you achieve your goals. Training needs and support requirements are identified to ensure your business transition is smooth and sustainable. Your staff will find Impress™ both easy to learn and easy to use, meaning you will see positive results in your business very quickly.

With Precise Software's unique understanding of the Apparel Decorating, Embroidery, and Screen Printing industries and markets, we can clearly show you the value, capabilities and cost-reductions possible with Impress™.

  • Receive and allocate goods to specific jobs.
  • Track sales categories and trends.
  • Track customer sales history and open orders.
  • Keep current on cash flow, accounts receivables, pricing, and commissions.